Kenji Bohlin

    I’ve been working in the field of graphic design since 2002, but my experience reaches back through college and into high school. Working in a DC association’s communications department has ingrained in me the importance of visual communication; as designers, we can no longer simply “make things pretty,” our role is to deliver content and message in the easiest, most accessible way.

    Portfolio Resume

Graphic Designer

I've been practicing print, web, and environmental design in a professional setting for close to 11 years, working both independently and as part of a team. My experience ranges from brochures to HTML email newsletters to trade show booth design, and I welcome the challenge that each brings.

Art Director

Promoted in 2008 to assistant director of communications/senior graphic designer, I started taking on the art director role for our team of three designers. I've led the design team in winning nine Hermes Awards, a Best in Show booth award at the 2012 AIA National Convention, and four Marcom Awards.

Manager of an Agile Creative Team

I've championed, then successfully implemented, Agile Methodology with an in-house creative team of writers and designers. Receiving buy-in from stakeholders and making sure that the right team is in place are the biggest challenges, but the reward of a self-empowered, self-organizing team is well worth it.

Communications and Marketing

Having spent the last 11 years working in the communications department of a DC association, I've picked up a few things about communications and marketing strategy. Since last year, I've managed both writers and designers to create a collaborative, high-performing (and award-winning) team of communicators.

Design and Content Strategy

What's the best way to reach a given audience? A video? An HTML email blast? A blog entry? I'm drawn to the strategic aspects of design and content delivery. I've been involved in two website redesigns, the creation of a corporate blog, and the implementation of a new line of business applications.

Father and Husband

No one is the sum of their professional parts. My wife and daughter play a central part of who I am as a designer and a hard worker. They inspire me to keep challenging myself and are critical in my success at all things.

About me

Neither a portfolio nor a resume can give a complete picture of who I am, but then again, neither can a website. I’ll do the best with what I can.


I love design (and the art of visual communication, for that matter). I love the creativity of it. I love the challenge that each new project brings. I love the problem solving elements of a new campaign. What’s the best way to tell that new narrative? What’s the most effective way to reach that new audience?


As I said above, good design isn’t simply a pretty picture, it’s an effective one. Whether this is introducing a new collaborative platform for my team (Basecamp in 2010), rolling out a communications campaign to help our audience understand a new program initiative (IDP 2.0), redesigning a website, or simply asking why a publication or collateral is needed at all, I’ve been making a habit of figuring out how to make things more effective.


But I’m not all about design. I have a family (you can read a lot more about them on our blog, You, Me, and Audrey, although I can’t take credit for any of the actual posts). I like sports (baseball and football, a little hockey because my friends are crazy about it). I watch silly television shows like Survivor and Mad Men (yes, Don Draper’s saga definitely qualifies as “silly”). I’ve recently gotten into rock climbing. Oh, and my wife bought me a guitar for Father’s Day and the tips of my fingers are still upset with her. I like to try new things, like make videos of my daughter because what else are we going to do with all that video footage. I’m self-taught. I love to learn. I’m a hard worker.


All of the above (and so much more) go into who I am, and what makes me the designer and communicator that I am today. Hope that gives you a better glimpse into who I am. If you want more, email me. We’ll chat.