About Me

Kenji Bohlin

UX Designer


From English Lit to Graphic Design to User Experience

We all have a story about how we got here—especially in the field of UX design. Mine began with an English Lit degree at the University of Virginia, was shaped by work in communications, and greatly influenced by my job as a graphic designer.

All of this has led me to the point in my career where I’m ready to design satisfying and friendly experiences for users as we dive deeper into this digital world. A user-centric approach to designing isn’t just a box to check off. It’s an integral part of making the world a more manageable place.

Here are some reasons why you should hire me.



Working in a DC association’s communications department has ingrained in me the importance of visual communication. As designers, we can no longer simply “make things pretty.” We must think of as our audiences think, delivering content and message in the easiest, most accessible way.